Dr. Tone Pernille Østern


Tone Pernille Østern, Dr. of Arts in dance, is a dance artist and Professor in Arts Education with Focus on Dance at the Department for Teacher Education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is head of the Section for Arts, Sports and Movement Education and leader of the Master’s degree in Arts Education. Her research focuses on inclusive dance pedagogy, embodied pedagogy, aesthetic approaches to learning and dialogue and exchange between choreographic processes and dance pedagogy. She is the author of, amongst others, Meaning-making in the Dance Laboratory. Exploring dance improvisation with differently bodied dancers (2009, PhD-thesis, Theatre Academy, Helsinki), Learning through Aesthetic Pedagogical Design (Educational Forum, 2014, with Alex Strømme), Moving through Change (Choreographic Practices, 2015, with Elen Øyen) and Interfering with the Lived Field of Dance Pedagogy from Organizational and Leadership Studies Perspectives – An Explorative Intervention with Performing and Teaching Dance Artists (Research in Dance Education, 2015, with Eirik Irgens).

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