The 13th international NOFOD conference will be arranged in cooperation with the Department of Cultural Sciences at the University of Gothenburg (UGOT).

The Nordic Forum for Dance Research, NOFOD, is a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners. It does so by arranging seminars and conferences, as well as spreading information through discussions, performances and publications on dance. The purpose of the organization is to enhance, empower and bring together diverse forms of dance research, knowledge and practice, especially in the Nordic context.

Conference theme
The aim of the 13th international dance conference NOFOD is to explore dance and democracy in a global, digital as well as local and material world. The global societal challenges of our time have inspired the creation and participation in dance that engages with issues of democracy such as empowerment, social justice, equality and freedom. Some bodies and movements are included, others excluded, and why is this so? How can dance contribute to increased knowledge and positive change in times of conflict, migration and contested identity politics? In recent decades international dance research increasingly has come to focus on dance as a critical and constructive force in social life. This field is on the one hand young and engaged, and on the other hand difficult to survey. Therefore NOFOD has an important function as a platform for creating fruitful meetings across national and other borders. The arranging of the conference will provide Nordic dance research with a valuable opportunity to meet international scholars and their experiences of dance and democracy and vice versa. Based on current dance research rooted in for example the Middle East, New Zealand, USA and Europe, over 70 scholarly presentations will shed light on the theme. Among the topics is dance as component in political protest, dance and ageing, dance and disability, and the dance archive as transformative force.