Dr. Mats Nilsson


Dr. Mats Nilsson is senior lecturer in Ethnology, and deputy head of education at the Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Nilsson being selected as keynote marks the ambition to make Gothenburg a relevant scholarly venue for the conference. A leading expert in Nordic folk and popular dance, his primary research interests include connections, similarities and differences between Scandinavian dance activities and dancing worldwide. Nilsson was part of the international research project Dance in Nordic Spaces in the Nordic Spaces Programme (2007–2012). In a recent transdisciplinary project at UGOT, in collaboration with von Rosen, he contributed a social and theatrical dance perspective to the field of international Strindberg research. Addressing the precarious relationship between dance and the archive, Nilsson’s latest book Documents do not Dance (2016) engages with the ongoing critical discussion about democratic aspects of dance heritage, memory, identity and community.

For further information see  http://kultur.gu.se/om-institutionen/personal?userId=xnimat